Sample Dishes

Some notable Cantonese dishes include:

  • Dim Sum – (literally touch of heart), small dishes served with tea usually at brunch
  • Shrimp wonton noodle soup (鮮蝦雲吞麵)
  • Watercress dumplings (西菜饺)
  • Stir-fried vegetables (炒青菜) – Green leafy vegetables stir-fried in oil and sometimes garlic or ginger, topped with soy or oyster sauce.
  • Char siu (叉燒) – BBQ pork usually with a red outer coloring
  • Siew Yok (烧肉) – Slices of roast pork skin, fat, and meat cut from a pig that is usually roasted whole
  • Braised squabs (燒乳鴿)
  • Ho Fun (河粉) – Thin and flat rice noodles
  • Fried Dry Beef Ho Fun (乾炒牛河) – Ho fun with fried beef, a staple fried noodle dish
  • Thick Rice congee with various toppings and deep-fried breadsticks (白粥,油條 or 油炸鬼)
  • Pork rind curry (咖哩豬皮)
  • Dace fish balls (鯪魚球)
  • Steamed fish (清蒸魚)
  • Steamed/stir fried fish intestines (蒸魚腸,炒鱼腸)
  • Salted preserved fish (蒸鹹魚)
  • Steeped chicken (白切雞) or steamed chicken (蒸雞) served cold with ginger and spring onion oil dipping (薑蔥油)
  • Salt-baked chicken
  • Soy Sauce (lit. “Old Water”) Duck (老水鸭)
  • Slow cooked soups (老火湯)
  • Shark fin soup (魚翅羹)
  • Braised dried abalone (燜鮑魚)
  • Herbal “tortoise” gelatin (龜苓膏) – Jelly made out of herbal grass
  • Various steamed/boiled/double-boiled desserts and sweet soups (糕點,糖水)
  • Steamed shrimp dumplings (蝦餃 ha gow)
  • Lo mein (撈麵) – cooked noodles served usually with minced scallions and ginger, with other added ingredients mixed together, topped with soy or oyster sauce.
  • Sticky Rice – Glutinous rice cooked with soy sauce as well as other ingredients such as sausage, scrambled egg pieces, peas, carrot bits
  • Zhong (粽) – Glutinous rice wrapped in banana leaf with fatty pork, salted egg, and winter mushroom inside
  • Stir-fried watermelon skin (炒西瓜皮)- Home-style stir-fried dish usually made with the peeled skin of a watermelon

Other favorites with unique Cantonese style:

  • Roasted suckling pig (乳豬)
  • Roasted duck (燒鴨 or 火鴨)
  • Roasted goose (燒鵝), the most famous version being from Yung Kee in Hong Kong
  • Braised crispy chicken (炸子雞)
  • Soy sauce chicken (豉油雞) – chicken slowly cooked in soy sauce
  • Beef entrails (牛雜)
  • Beef stew (牛腩)
  • Hot pot (火鍋 or 打邊爐)
  • Pan-fried crispy noodles (港式煎麵) – two sides brown fried egg noodles
  • Various dessert drinks served with shaved ice (刨冰)

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